Being a Mother

Before my son was born, I wondered if I would be happy as a stay-at-home mom.  Ok, to be honest, I was torn when I thought of giving up my career.  I thought it would be the close of the fun, honeymoon phase of my marriage.  I thought I would be giving up a lot of me, my interests, my life.  It was a leap of faith.

Now that I’m on the other side of that jump, I feel so differently. My heart melts 10x/day. Just melts, then overflows with gratitude. This baby boy adds to my life in every respect. My marriage is happier than ever before.  We have so much joy together in our little boy.  I call him my heart walking around on two legs. He captivates me by literally growing before my eyes.  He is the most beautiful, living, work of art who holds out his pudgy little arms and says, “Mama!” in sing-song tones.  Love.  Pure baby love.

I thought I was reasonably happy.  I had no clue. Being a parent has added to my life (not taken over my life) and given me more pure, unreserved joy than I have ever known.  Every season is sweeter, every holiday made new with the pure delight of a child.  It is a miracle to be a mom—everyday.

Being a mother is worth it.  Just look, see for yourself.  This is what my life as a stay-at-home mom looks like.  That gushing sound?  It’s my heart. melting.

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So, I’ve decided that as far as my career goes, there will be time for that in other seasons of my life.  For now, I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

I think every parent is privy to the most beautiful, catch-your-heart-in-your-throat-moments.  Each one feels like a direct gift from God.  A confirmation that this was the best choice you ever made.  The realization that this is what life is all about.


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