Easter Thoughts

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Once a month at church we have a testimony meeting.  It’s like open-mic Sunday where anyone is welcome to come to the pulpit and share their feelings.  This Easter season I wanted to stand and speak in our testimony meeting, but I was a little nervous.  So, I took out my journal and wrote the words that I felt in my heart:

Doesn’t it seem like the earth rejoices in springtime?  I love to see nature come to life every Easter time, a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

When the bible describes the events of Christ’s death, my heart gets heavy. Being betrayed, suffering in Gethsemane, being arrested, beaten, spit upon, unjustly sentenced, mocked and crucified by evil men; My heart twists with the injustice of it all. I believe that Christ endured pain and suffering in every form. I believe that Christ suffered for my sins and the sins of the whole world.  As Mormons, we believe that.

However, you may notice that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not use the sign of the cross.  Our churches, temples, homes, and worship are filled with beautiful religious art and symbols, but the cross is not the symbol of our faith.  This is because we do not focus on the death of Christ, we choose to focus on His life.

This Easter, as I reflected on the life of the Lord,  I had a feeling that Christ performed His mission with great joy.  He had joy despite the great difficulty because of what he was able to do. He was able to right every wrong. He was able to re-write every tragedy and give every one a happy ending.  Isn’t that wonderful?! Isn’t it amazing?!

I have a testimony that every particle of happiness in the world, every good thing, comes from Christ.  I believe that Christ is mighty to save.  He saves us from our sorrows and sins and even just the difficult circumstances that are no one’s fault, they’re just life.  I find unbounded joy in my faith that Christ is the undo-er of all the wretched things in life that I have no control over, like poverty, abuse and war.

When I think about all the things that His atoning sacrifice accomplished, I understand why He chose to do it.  And, I believe He did so with great joy.


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