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My two-year-old loves to do “Snug-a-bugs” at least once a day.  This ritual consists of reaching one chubby arm around my neck in a semi-headlock.  Then, he bounces up and down and chants, “Snug-a-bug! Snug-a-bug! Snug-a-bug!” about fifteen times.  If my husband’s around, he does the double version of the snug-a-bug hug with all our foreheads about 2 inches apart.  It’s hard to describe how endearing this is.  In fact, we should do away with paper money and exchange Snug-a-bugs instead.  It’s amazing how far a Snug-a-bug goes.  No mess is too messy, no tantrum too embarrassing, no middle-of-the-night wake-up call to inconvenient when there are Sung-a-bugs to be had.  I wish I could stop time from marching on and live in a toddler hug.



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