Zoo Days

We love the Memphis Zoo.  Plus, they let you swim in all the fountains.  I don’t think all of them were intended as wading pools originally, but it’s so darn hot in Memphis, they probably couldn’t keep the kids out 😉  Shoot, I couldn’t keep myself out.  That poor bear looks like he wants to die.  The downside to the zoo is that inevitable zoo smell.  You know what I’m talking about.  So much worse in the heat.  Oh well, you take the good with the gross. Plus, little man couldn’t care less.  Nothing could put an damper on his toddler-love-affair with the zoo.  Especially the alligators.   I was treated to endless  “look, I an alligator!” impressions after this outing. (Picture two-year-old slithering on the ground at the zoo, grocery store, restaurants and especially in the bath tub.)  Fun days with my two boys!  Wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Hope you’re enjoying the last bits of summer, y’all!  Happy Labor Day!


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