Daily Bread

I love this Mormon Message about our need for spiritual nourishment. I have often thought of our need for physical nourishment as a symbol of our need for daily spiritual communion with God. He could have designed us any way He wanted. He chose to make our bodies dependent on regular meals. We can’t eat too much at a time either, which is interesting. I think the Lord teaches us to be constant and measured in all things. An excess of a good thing can become harmful too. I believe that’s a godly principle. I feel such a difference in my life when I need spiritual renewal. I know we are meant to seek the Lord daily, our souls hunger for it, and we are lifted by it a little at a time. Beautiful thought. Beautiful message.



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  1. Gorgeous blog Johanna! I was browsing through mormon.org and I spotted your profile which linked me here. You are SUCH a great example and always have been. I recently started shifting my blogging to be more spiritual (and *hopefully* more frequent). Check it out if you’d like! Where are you living now? I would love to get together again at some point if our paths cross.

    1. Thanks Kara! I would be completely delighted to get together next time I’m visiting home (Right now, I’m in the mid-south). Loved reading through your blog (at http://kmrush.blogspot.com/ check her out!) and mormon.org profile (http://mormon.org/me/3P24) and was just tickled to see how much we have in common. Your lovely little baby dolls melt my heart and, as always, your style is cool and refreshing. I’ll be following. Thanks for the kind words. -J

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