In Loving Memory: Daniel Taylor

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I recently traveled to Seattle for my Uncle’s funeral services.  I knew the services would be beautiful and healing.  I knew it would be a delight to see my family, even during such a difficult time.  What I didn’t fully anticipate was how the combination of words said and love shown would teach me.  Funerals inspire an introspective inventory of who we are and who we want to be.  They establish a more correct alignment in our perspective of life.

I knew my Uncle Dan for his goodness.  Children pick up on sincerity and love in a unique way.  Uncle Dan was a sweet example of both.  What I learned at the funeral, however, was a better background of why I sensed that from him, how he came to be that way, and how a true Christian lives life.

Dan’s memorial made me want to be more industrious and further my education daily. The examples of his consistency made me want to be diligent in the pursuit of my goals.  Stories about his service to the community reminded me that there is more to life than the monetary rat race, richness is found in service to God and man.

Everyone around the Taylor family has felt the profound influence of the love that my uncle and aunt shared.  During my uncle’s illness, my aunt has shown what it means to be a true companion and honor marital vows.  She rearranged her life, remodeled her home, and devoted herself full-time to his support and comfort in his last years.  She did it all with an attitude of respectfulness toward her sweetheart.  She protected him from the many indignities and dangers of his condition and eased his way back home to the Lord.

I want to have that kind of marriage where everyone around you is blessed by the love that you create together.

Overall, that was the theme I felt from the memorial.  It was a new resolution to be a source of goodness in the world, to create light in life like Dan Taylor did.


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