Being in the Temple

You know that feeling when you wish you could just get in the car and drive.  Just drive and drive until you’re far enough away to see your life clearly.  You need a breather and a break from it all—not just a snack break or a Pinterest break, because those things only delay the inevitable—but a true change in your outlook.  A refresher, a course correction, an intervention.  That’s what going to the Mormon Temple does for me.

Being in the temple, I unwind.  That swirling mass of thoughts that have wound around and around so tight I’m tripping over myself, I walk through the temple doors, and they loosen.  After a few minutes, I step out of them altogether and leave a tousled nest behind.  I walk forward with a longer stride.  In the house of the Lord, I learn.  I find my perspective realigned.  I pray.

By the time I walk out the temple doors and back to my responsibilities, I am renewed.  I am calm.  I am smiling.  Every time.

In my experience, being in the Mormon Temple brings peace unlike anywhere else.



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  1. Beautiful post. I had a friend come to the ward trunk or treat with me and she asked me about the temple and I wish I had this post at that moment to read to her. I totally fumbled over my words and it didn’t help that I had three kids all trying to get my help or attention through the conversation. I may forward this on to her if she keeps asking questions, if that is okay. I miss you!

    1. Of course that’s ok! I miss you too, what a good friend you are to everyone. We need more Alicias in the world.

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