Parents Needed: Essays on Motherhood Part Five

Sometimes, it is difficult to grasp how needed we are as parents. Ready for a parenting pep-talk?  I want you to leave with a little rallying cry in your heart.  You are irreplaceable!

We have these infinitely precious, eternal souls in our care. It is just a few short years. A few short years that are incredibly formative in their lives. Parents are meant to guide through this journey from innocence to knowledge. Their first experiences, attachments, habits, explanations, patterns of belief, family traditions and home will make an indelible mark on their lives that will create literal pathways in their brains unlike any other period of time. We can make life so much easier for them.

It takes an insane amount of effort. It is more than I can do. I battle my own confusion at the hands of many worthy or sometimes just worldly ideas. I battle my own flaws.  But, through the Savior, I can be enough. 

As a mother, my part is to pray, study and ask.  I know that He sees me in this work.  He, the perfect listener, is right there waiting.  I can come to Him and counsel with Him over even the small daily decisions and trials of parenthood.  In motherhood, we get credit for trying.  God knows what we are up against psychologically, in a world where homemaking is all but a forgotten art, in an era when service is undervalued, He sees us. He is the only one who sees every sacrifice we make for our children.  He knows of our sleepless nights, our over-taxed self-control, our perfect desires despite our imperfect execution.  His gratitude for our service is deep.  I am coming to understand just how much He values me as a mother.  In the words of Jeffery Holland:

“To all of our mothers everywhere, past, present, or future, I say, “Thank you. Thank you for giving birth, for shaping souls, for forming character, and for demonstrating the pure love of Christ.” …To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle—and all will—I say, “Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are. In fact, you are saviors on Mount Zion, and like the Master you follow, your love ‘never faileth.’ ” I can pay no higher tribute to anyone.”


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  1. Dear Johanna,
    Your Dad and Mom have enjoyed reading to each other this series of posts this Mother’s Day. Dad said, “Wow! That’s our little grasshopper!” Mom’s voice got tight and tears brimmed over while she read. Thank you for the very validating experience of having you, our child, grow up into a clear and faithful voice. You movingly express the often unspoken lessons of childhood taught to you by example and service. Thank you. Parenting continues to be an experience of love, joy and tears! Hugs and kisses from Russia, with Love.

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