Why I’m a Mormon

I’m a Mormon because it just feels right. It’s a pattern of living based on service, love, forgiveness and progression and it’s a beautiful way to live. The happiest, most Christian people I’ve known are members of the LDS church. I’m a Mormon because I know it’s true. I have found joy and peace by following the teachings of the Church, which are centered on Jesus Christ.
The book of Mormon is an example of simple, undiluted goodness and inspires me in my goal to be like Jesus. The leaders of the Church are good people who have devoted their lives to the Savior. Their messages help me to find direction, comfort and excitement in life. The people I attend church with are trying to be moral, honest people and create love and goodness in life. It is wonderful to be with them and learn with them about Jesus Christ.¬† After church each week, I feel renewed and inspired. I’m a Mormon because I have had so many prayers answered, so much peace and so much inspiration given, I could never deny that it’s true.


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